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The Container Fizpílar extends the life of food, to keep them in a specific microclimate retaining its properties naturally. Do not leave them on the counter simply.

Market Fresh foods usually are sold in a state of immaturity higher than desirable (something green) to allow handling in transportation. Other times have been kept in cold storage so you should not put them back in the fridge.
To preserve them in suitable ceramic containers continue their ripening process and can be eaten at its peak after a few days.





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Our packs

  • Tirol with Solid...

    Tirol Container with Solid Wood lid ,ideal for...

    Price: 95,65 €

  • Tirol container...

    Tirol container with Mixed Solid Wood lid with...

    Price: 112,43 €

  • Lugano container...

    The Lugano model large capacity allows you to...

    Price: 93,79 €