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Fizpílar ceramic containers are designed to protect your food fresh.
The type of modern life, the size, design and distribution of existing flats (apartments) require other solutions when buying food. Our company has developed practical solutions.

People can not stop your lifestyle and desired, however, continue to enjoy the beneficial properties and the flavor of fresh food; Fizpílar containers brings with innovative solutions to conserve more natural a greater number of products fresh, which can reduce the frequency of weekly purchases.

Fizpílar has focused its design efforts on five aspects that have led to its product lines,


CAPACITY: For those who enjoy fresh products


Our containers have a high performance and high volume storage.

The current lifestyle has reduced the number of times you can go to the supermarket. Purchases have increased in volume and quantity of products. The higher level of life in cities usually requires a move away from the production of fresh produce.


Therefore, and to have food on hand, without having to freeze, we can store in containers Fizpílar the time required for consumption.

Our vessels have adequate capacity for the size and variety of foods that are designed.


VERSATILITY:  When imagination goes hand in our tastes.


Our containers could be use with a variety of purposes.

Each country has its specific fresh food. But all agree in preferring the traditional flavors.

Some fruits and vegetables are a great size and it requires special dimensions.

Other products have widely varying forms, like bread, so you have to give size options for conservation.

ORGANIZATION: For people who enjoy organized kitchens.


Manufacture of containers to rationalize space and classify foods.

How many times have we wanted a larger fridge to keep all fresh produce we bought at the Hyper or Super. But we have to pile them up and mix.

Fizpílar containers allow with its variety of designs, buying more than one container, organize and group items by type and without mixing. Not all products as quickly mature and have the same moisture.

Being able to place food in an organized way in the dining room, the pantry, the office or the kitchen itself, allows us to have more space and prevent damage to the fruit.


Our packs

  • Tirol with Solid...

    Tirol Container with Solid Wood lid ,ideal for...

    Price: 95,65 €

  • Tirol container...

    Tirol container with Mixed Solid Wood lid with...

    Price: 112,43 €

  • Lugano container...

    The Lugano model large capacity allows you to...

    Price: 93,79 €