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Fizpílar Works

The first thing people ask to us after known the properties and benefits of our containers is whether truly works. Ourself do not want to say it and therefore we have taken to try to figures of first class cuisine for testing and comment:

• Chefs like Jesus Almagro (La Piñera restaurant), Mario Sandoval (Coke restaurant), Rodrigo de la Calle (The green chef), Lucas Gonzalez (Paco Pastel ), Cesar Martin (Lakasa restaurant), Iñigo Arozarena (Five Senses restaurant) with national and international level , they have been tried, liked and use it at their home.

• Gourmet and famous food journalists as Jose Carlos Capel (Madrid Fusion fair), Mikel Zeberio (Basque journalist), David Delgado (San Ildefonso Madrid Market, manager and chef), Pedro Madera (Vox Populi wireless media), Mariano Bueno ...

• Blogs as Webos Fritos, Eneko Sukaldari, The Imaginarium Plademunt restaurant, Directo al Paladar, Kitchen amateur, José María Recipes, Cooking with my Carmela, Inside cooking, Cacocina, Amigastronomicas, Feed your senses, Kitchen and hobbies, Thousand ideas a thousand projects, Loleta, Lazi Blog, Gastronomic Journalism ...

• Cooking Schools as Kitchen Club (Carlos Pascal), Dream Kitchen (Nacho Garbayo) Irizar Cooking School (Luis Irizar and Visi Irizar) ...

All have agreed to highlight the novelty of the container and its properties to taste at the point many fresh products that had not reached them in conditions to the consumer, especially if you have not a garden at your door, what usually happens to everyone in big cities. (If you want to drill you can see our news section in the website where comments appear).


Save money:

Did you know that the appliance spends more electricity in the house is the refrigerator? and What the more we open it and the more you charge, the compressor that generates cold interior has to work faster? In Fizpílar we developed porous ceramic containers with natural wood lids that can work for you without connection to the plug. They preserve with in technologically tested way, thanks to the transfer function between the internal moisture of the container and the outside, which made its porous walls. (See our chart for storage times). With Fizpílar forward in threes:

• You No need to open the fridge for fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, etc, have it saved (and improving its flavor) in Fizpilar containers.

• You No need to overload the refrigerator because the whole fruit, tomatoes, vegetables, etc, can keep long enough in the Fizpílar containers.

• You can classify and rationalize food in several containers avoiding some aliments affect any other if they are very different, for example onions and fruits.

But do not worry, if you like eating some food ripped but cold in particular, you can put the food a few minutes before consuming it in the fridge and will not give you time to be spoiled by the direct cold. There will be achieved the optimum flavour thanks to Fizpílar and you'll consume chilly.

Also, you will have enough place to conserve and rationalize the fresh food in your home for the greengrocers weekly purchase, thanks to Fizpílar containers and you will avoid to go many times to buy and it will save you time, effort and petrol.

Invest in the container and saved for the future, that's the trick ...


Stay beautiful:

Many times you ask yourself how to save your best cosmetics, which need to be kept in a cool place in the refrigerator, not mixed with food without contaminating with their perfume to other products.

The container Fizpílar Model Havana, porous ceramic and natural wood lid has been designed for you. Ceramic developed to permit the products inside are kept in a separate climate, it allows keep it in the fridge and get:

• That their insulating effect protect your delicate makeup and oils from direct cold from the refrigerator, but remain cool enough to not spoil.

• Have them classified by the interior dividers Model Havana.

• Let the aromas of your creams or oils are not mixed with the rest of the refrigerator.

Also, you have the rest of our range designed containers to preserve fruits and vegetables that you agree and give birth to your skin, so you can enjoy the tastiest fruits and juiciest tomatoes thanks to the properties of conservation and maturation of our special ceramic. And recall Fizpílar works also perfectly out of the fridge.

And do not leave it more beautiful on the outside and beautiful and healthy inside, twice as beautiful.


Multiply the flavour:

• When it comes to fruit, a place at home where you keep a container to allow continues to mature to put juicy and flavour needed. Most shops sell a little immature yet.

• Speaking of tomatoes or vegetables, which you can buy lack colour and have little flavour. Home needed a container to grow these products to catch flavour.

• When it comes to bread, good bread, it takes home a basket which prevent drying out and losing its aroma.

• When it comes to cheese, nobody wants to take it from the fridge, but we do not want to dry and dehydrated in a plastic or glass cheese.

The Fizpílar are porous ceramic containers and caps used natural wood. They have been developed to create a microclimate inside the container, which need fresh food inside. A slow maturation process that concentrates the flavour and enhances the taste of food occurs.

It's nice to open the container and inhale the aroma of the interior. Finally tomatoes taste like tomatoes, oranges are sweet, kiwis and bananas are soft have not been put blacks in two days.

Fizpílar flavours at home will allow you to recover the flavours of the garden you remember your holiday. Do not miss the taste of long ...


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Slow-Food Practice:

As we grow more exclusive and our ability to taste the food makes us gourmets, we approach unconsciously to a philosophy of life that wants to make the most of the food.


Slow-food term opposed the Fast-food, is more than the time needed to prepare meals or to take it.


Slow Food is a movement that wants to create a philosophy of life centred on food and everything around them, to make them grow, treat, process them and taste them in the most traditional and least polluting way, in addition to see life perspective without stress.


The Fizpílar porous ceramic containers and lids made of natural wood have been developed trying to be respectful of the environment and use of resources, and provide a tool to enhance the flavour of foods and recreate the conditions to ripen in our home.


We believe in the tranquillity of a good table and a careful preparation of the kitchen, but also offer the most abundant consumption of fresh plant foods full of flavour, and for this we have created our green containers, which help to enjoy this new point of view.


Eat healthy, eat fresh food keep as close to nature as you do and start to be part of this movement.


The Fizpílar containers and lids have been developed to provide a new solution to home and the customs of everyone. There are the possibility to use the container in various ways:

-To Improve the appearance and flavour of tomatoes.

-To Put the container with the fruit in the refrigerator and do not freeze.

-To Keep bread, muffins, without getting stiff from one day to another.

-To Keep the bread pre-cut quality for guests.

-To Warm the container and serve hot and crusty bread.

-To Freeze container and keep the wine cold without streaks inside drops.

-To Have time cheese, tender and full of flavour.

-To Grow tropical fruits such as avocados and persimmons.

-To Classify the weekly shopping for fruits and vegetables.

-For Tubers and vegetables are scared with the cold, like onions and eggplants.

-To Take the juicy fruit and time, without losing its flavour from the cold from the fridge, like pears or kiwis.

-To Keep their point and bananas, so good for memory.

-For produce more juice and less pulp with oranges and lemons.


Ultimately everyone agrees that works and that for smaller and functional, modern home is a futuristic improved conservation and consumption of fresh food, and improved design.

 Do not forget, you gourmets who want full flavor................

 Look after your health:

It is not a matter of age or genetics; nor is it a question of where we live or whether we are male or female. It is not a question only of nature and does not serve to throw balls out thinking "what can we do."

Good health is a commitment and a strong investment in our intentions in what we want for our body. "We are what we eat" is an expression that has been heard from the 60s to the new trends in the food processing, diets and books on personal care.

All solutions have a part in that match: eat healthy, eat natural and take a good amount of fresh foods (fruits, vegetables, vegetables, juices ...).

To meet this solution there is no choice to either have a refrigerator large proportions, or buy every day. We will offer a cheaper and palatable solution, Fizpílar containers have to keep all those products that need to have on hand.

The Fizpílar porous ceramic containers and lids made of natural wood have been developed to create different storage solutions, storage, decoration and above all easy for you to sign into your food.

People latitudes or geographic areas with food habits based on a large percentage of fruit, raw vegetables and grain products have a higher quality of life and longevity. We're not talking about dieting, if not decisively opt to have on hand fresh fruits and that allow us to changing habits and increase their consumption.


Because health is not expected and the sooner you begin this new stage, prior notice and before the results begin to enjoy the flavour and adds that this well.

Remember, Fizpílar containers are a source of health, but rather full of fresh foods.

Utilization Way


BASIC category lids are recommended for bread and food with low indoor humidity.
PRIME category lids are especially suitable for fruits and vegetables.



Fizpílar ceramic containers retain and maintain the properties of fresh produce in their own microclimate.

The recommended storage time will depend on product quality, pre-maturity and status. No spoiled food should be introduced, with blows or already started in the container. The moisture will allow the maturation of healthy products but would accelerate the destruction in the deteriorated.


The best performance of the container is obtained by including fresh produce to the same period of maturation. To view the recommended periods for the conservation and maturation of different fresh foods, see the table of preservation. The different moisture emission between different products may adversely affect one.



The lids have a system for regulating the ventilation and to vary the humidity inside. You just have to slide the cover a few millimeters to the left and you will see a thin slot.


It is preferable to divide (the fruit, for example) in various containers of smaller size, if consumption is slowed varied in time.


Ideally place the container is in a low area and away from heat sources.


Place the food in the container gently and without pressuring. Open daily container and move products manually to monitor their condition and promote air circulation.


 The inner face of the PRIME category lids can be used as cutting board for food. Do not use the external face which has been treated with a bezel.

Category lids BASIC have a different structure but also maintain the microclimate inside the container. Their use is not recommended as a cutting board, although it is made from natural wood, birch layers that maintain their structure are not thick enough to this use.



Precautions to keep in mind:

It is advisable to immediately place the bottom guards accompanying the container at its base, the ceramic is abrasive and if it slides on a surface can damage it.


The porosity of the piece makes it more brittle than earthenware or porcelain dishes, recommended safely handle and slam it shut, if the cracks contend lose their properties.

The external design favors their adaptation to the rest of the house. The design of the interior, no angles, favors much cleaning.

Place inside on the bottom of the Fizpílar container kitchen paper for food rubbing not dirty.

The porosity of the container will absorb any liquid (or oil) to be sprayed.


Do not use for:

Do not keep liquids inside. Being porous would transfer would go into the wall and outside.
Do not put cooked foods, foods already begun should be stored in the refrigerator.

The cheese and bread are two exceptions to the rule, must be kept in containers Fizpílar


Do not get in freezing chests.

Do not put plastic bags inside the container to wrap the product to keep. This goes against the function of the container.

Do not expose to direct sunlight or placed near or over a heat source such as radiators or cookers. This temperature rise excessively and accelerate the maturation process of food.

Do not let the outside of the house if there is a risk of frost or rain. Keep under cover.


Cleaning the container and lid:

As usual, just spend a damp cloth to clean the surface residues or marks or scratches possible. Do not use chemicals that may be absorbed by the ceramic and produced the stain could not be removed.

To keep hygienically fit should wash the container without the lid in the dishwasher at least once every two months; also be washed by immersion in very hot water with soap products.

When the container is washed, it absorbs much water. It is convenient to let it dry thoroughly before reuse.

And remember, you can always use our ROC “Replace Old Container” service ,  for really great price.



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