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Ecological Composition



Our ceramic containers

 The containers are made direct extraction of natural clays and other minerals needed to achieve its composition. Previously have been subject to selection and filtering processes.

The ceramic glaze does not include or lead-based paint or other materials harmful to health.
To achieve its porosity no chemicals have been used artificial generation, but the right combination of temperature and TDP. The baking process in special furnaces at very high temperatures sterilized parts and eliminates any trace organic in the product.


No artificial colorants have been added to the clays. The characteristic color of the Fizpílar products has been achieved  by mixing natural elements to achieve the desired combination. It is an industrially manufactured but maintains its handmade nature and may have slight variations within the same range of products and colors.

Our natural lids

The covers are made from natural woods suitable for contact with food.

Wood and bamboo plant fiber materials are suitable for isolating and maintaining sufficient conditions of humidity and temperature naturally in the containers.

Our lids have been tested and designed for maximum resistance to twisting caused by moisture. Yet they are a material "alive" and can be affected and come to sag slightly. It is a situation referred to and shall not affect the conservation of container capacity.


Sustainable processes

The manufacturing process Fizpílar container is environmentally friendly. It has been verified in every step and our manufacturers remain committed to minimal damage to the environment.
The raw materials used are absolutely surpluses in nature and for removal not done irreversible damage whatsoever. The Fizpílar product range opens a new path of industrialization use sustainable resources.


Is a constant in our philosophy reduce energy consumption. We want the customer and the environment win-win. The refrigerator uses less power when decreasing the amount of fresh produce for the conservation introduced inside.

The fact that almost 40% of the space used in the refrigerator is intended for fresh produce gives an idea of the amount you can get to save on electricity if Fizpílar ceramic containers are used properly.


The manufacture of containers and lids respect the criteria of maximum efficiency in resource utilization and on-going compliance with Environmental legislation affecting this type of processing.
It is in process of obtaining quality certification for the transformation processes followed in factories and workshops.


Social Responsiveness

The social element is an important part of sustainability and Fizpílar we encourage and support local job without unnecessary decentralization and labor technology to third countries. We want to tap into local expertise. Directly supervise the product quality and the materials handled it and work together to share the results of a more supportive.

Fizpílar Ecodiseño Funcional, SL commitment to corporate social responsibility in its management and focus.




All materials used to manufacture the product, container and lid, are one hundred percent recyclable without requiring any energy or alternative products to reduce or transformation.
The external packaging and internal damping system products have been chosen for their natural biodegradation characteristics compared to other common alternatives.


Certifications of nourishing adjustment

The container is certificate for its use with foods in accordance with European Directives 84/500/CEE and 2005/31/CE (RD 891/2006 and 1631/2011). Chemical analyses conducted by the Innovarcilla Institute (Spain), Technological Center of the Ceramics of Andalusia credited by the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF ACCREDITATION, according to the criteria picked up in Norma UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (CGGA-ENAC-LEC) for the accomplishment of Ceramic testings of material of Cooked Clay


Our packs

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    The Lugano model large capacity allows you to...

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