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Welcome to Fizpílar

The signature design of ceramic containers for fresh food market disclosure. With presence in the Spanish market since 2009, and are present in all relevant areas and gastronomic we deserved the award for Design and Technological Innovation in the International Forum Madrid Fusion 2014.

We are experiencing rapid development thanks to the versatility of the vessels and possible uses, both as to the final consumer level hospitality.

Maintain a constant level of innovation in our products and trade policies of easy implementation and cumulative profitability.

Our containers are especially suitable for all kinds of fresh foods (fruits, vegetables, vegetable) Bread for Cigars for Wine, Cheese and for any type of nuts and cereals.


Our competitive advantages

Designs and patents

  1. New product without competition in the market

  2. Domestic production of high quality without addition of harmful products

  3. Partner in the slow-food environment

  4. Containers designed for energy savings

  5. Support marketing and social media networks

  6. Training program

  7. Brand backed by chefs and gourmets premier

  8. Product positioning multichannel hotels, cooking schools, restaurants, grocery stores, tobacconists, end users ...

  9. Variety of combinations and designs

  10. With a presence in the Centre region, Levante, Andalucia, Rioja,

  11. Exclusivity zone


Contact Phone: +34 912 191 823

P.O. Box 54.221 en 28080-Madrid. Spain




Our packs

  • Tirol with Solid...

    Tirol Container with Solid Wood lid ,ideal for...

    Price: 95,65 €

  • Tirol container...

    Tirol container with Mixed Solid Wood lid with...

    Price: 112,43 €

  • Lugano container...

    The Lugano model large capacity allows you to...

    Price: 93,79 €