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Secure Payment

Our Method Secure Payment

Our Method of Secure Payment is through 'la Caixa Bank', that encrypts your data through SSL 128 bit protocol.  Our system stores no banking data from your credit card


You can also use the service of Paypal, The international leader in internet payment solutions. 


Bank transfer

If you are a Retailer or Distributor, and only if an agreement has been previously established with Fizpílar. You can do a bank transfer in any office of  'the Caixa Bank. 


More information on the security payments

Due to the boom in electronic commerce the service providers have been obliged to guarantee the security of Internet transactions by means of strong mechanisms that add extreme authentication, confidentiality and integrity of the data exchanged.  So we use the SSL and TLS protocols. 


What is SSL / TLS?

Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security. Communication Protocol designed for Netscape to insure authentication, confidentiality and integrity of the data exchanged on the internet.


How does SSL / TLS function?

The following graph shows the process established for SSL/TLS.




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