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Tirol container with Mixed Solid Wood lid

Tirol container with Mixed Solid Wood lid with inner bambú. Court board. Polyvalent for all foods.

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Tirol Container

Tirol Mixed Wood Lid

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Container of great features.

The Model Tirol has been designed with a wide range of purposes, in order to store within different types of food, both its form and its characteristics.

By its volume is the second largest Fizpílar range.

Vegetables, bread, fruits, require ample space, shapes and sizes.

Remember, it is not convenient to preserve in the same container, products with different moisture contents.


Fizpílar containers are made of natural clays direct extraction without additives. Not including enamels, lead-based paint or cadmium or other harmful materials.

Despite their porosity, treatment in the oven at high temperatures achieves perfect organic sterilization ideal for use.

 Food certificaction:

The container is certified for food use in compliance with the European Directives 84/500/EEC and 2005/31/EC (RD 891/2006 and 1631/2011). Chemical analysis carried out by the Institute Innovarcilla (Spain), Ceramic Technology Centre of Andalusia accredited by the national accreditation, according to the criteria listed in the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 (CGGA-ENAC-LEC) for testing of Fired Clay Ceramic Materials.


Our product is guaranteed for two years. The product should be used to contain fresh food and other than those specified in the table of food preservation. Any other use not specifically disclosed or contrary to the recommendations contained in this page will void the warranty.


The container and lid, as the packaging used, are 100% recyclable. The materials used are natural, so they do not require special rules for withdrawal at the end of its use.

Product lines:

The various models are structured by categories according to their function:

Product lines:

The various models are structured by categories according to their function:


Containers with very useful and high volume capacity.

     Tirol Model                45cm x 20cm x 16cm

     Lugano Model           45cm x 26cm x 16cm


Containers for use with multiple of purposes.

     Habana Model            30cm x 30cm x 12cm

     Laponia Model            12cm x 12cm x 12cm


Containers to rationalize space and classify foods.    

     Venecia Model            45cm x 20cm x 16cm

     Mosaico Model            20cm x 20cm x 16cm


The porosity in the service of the tasting. Models to cover your food.    

     Alsace Model:             30cm x 30cm x 16cm

     Baviera Model:            31cm x 14cm x 12cm


For consumers most exquisite, wine and pasta.

     Rioja Model:               34cm x 34cm x 30cm

     Napoles Model:          10cm x 10cm x 28cm


  • Bumpers : To facilitate air circulation around the container and prevent the damage caused by the ceramic material on the site location, place safety bumpers on the base of the container. They are Included with the User Guide inside the package.
  • Care : The high porosity of the container causes absorb any liquid or oil that is in contact with it, so caution is advised when using it, if is the case, treating with oils suitable for direct contact with food consumption the inner lid face.
  • Cleaning : The inner recipient form has been designed for easy surface cleaning with a damp cloth The lid does not require any special maintenance For more information see section-Form Advantages of Use.
  • Hardness : The piece is sturdy but due to its high degree of porosity is more sensitive to knocks that the enameled dishes. Inside the cover is of high hardness and anti moisture.
  • Maintenance : La tapa de madera requerirá cada cierto tiempo de una aplicación de vinagre de manzana por su interior y una vez seca la aplicación de algún aceite tipo Tung o de alimentación, preferiblemente de oliva. Ello le dará mayor asepsia y dureza.
  • Medidas : The container has 45 x 20 x 16 cm with some shrinkage tolerances that does not affect its functionality. The lid has 45,5 x 20,5 x 1,5 cm .
  • Nature : Su elevada porosidad le permite crear una atmósfera equilibrada en su interior que realiza la función de aislamiento frente a los cambios bruscos externos de humedad o temperatura.
  • Structure : Su estructura de color macizo permite la limpieza por abrasión. Una ligera fricción con una lija fina y una buena limpieza en el lavavajillas y retomará toda su prestancia inicial.
  • Temperature : Optimal performance of the container between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. Do not expose to direct fire or freezing.
  • Thikness : 7mm to 12mm depending on the area of the container structure. The Basic lid has 15mm, and Prime category has 22mm.
  • Volume : The container has 10 liters as a whole with an inner capacity of 8.5 liters.
  • Wheight : The container weights approximately 4.7 Kg., grams vary due to its semi-artisanal. Lids with weight ranges from 1.3 to 2.3 kg -

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