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Delivery and Refunds


Delivery times




Workdays before 2 p.m.

72 hours ( depending on country)

Workdays after 2 p.m.

Considered purchased on the following business day

Saturdays and Sundays there is no delivery

Days to add to the normal shipping


Transportation of packages

Packages are generally shipped 72 hours after receiving payment.  The orders received in the webstore after 2p.m. will be considered as received on the following day.  In the case of festivals, bank holidays or weekend orders, shipment will occur on the subsequent work day. 

Our distribution installations are situated in, Spain. Postage and handling will be paid for by the recipient.  Postage and handling includes the packing, the handling and the transportation.  At the moment of the confirmation of the purchase order, i.e. continental, islands or foreign, a standard cost of shipment will be calculated and added to the total price. Please consult with us for the exact shipment price in every case.

The packages are large and are protected for shipment in 100% recyclable material. All packages will be stamped  and treated as fragile. 



The ceramic containers, lids and other products offered on our webstore include a double security, verified by Fizpílar and the technology and experience of our manufacturers.  The main objective of Fizpílar’s production and products  is to achieve customer satisfaction and to offer the maximum quality and the best guarantee to our clients.  If, upon receiving the order, the customer is not completely satisfied, they have seven (7) days to exercise the right of refund. 


To carry out the refund, the product should be in the same conditions that it was received, in the same packing received and with all its contents included (manual, packaging, promotional gifts included in its box, etc) and must be requested within 7 days following it’s arrival. 

Refunds must be requested to Fizpílar through the email address: contacto@fizpilar.net or through the Vendor in the case of Retailers and Distributors.  To return the products, the customer will need to contribute a copy of their Order Confirmation e-mail, with Operation Reference Number, and Delivery Documentation with its Delivery Number.

Once returned, the merchandise is subject to verification of it state and then the Refund will proceed according to the method of payment carried out by the client. 

The container and its lid can not have been used if a full refund is requested unless the shipment of the product is in the ROC Service  ( Replace Old Container).



Our packs

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