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Question: Can I keep fresh foods outside the refrigerator?

Yes, the Fizpílar container increases the storage life utility products in comparison to leaving them on the counter because they are conserved in a stable atmosphere.


Question: How does the Fizpílar containers  improve products ?

Market products are habitually sold in an unripe state to facilitate shipment. When keeping them in the Fizpílar container natural ripening continues.


Question: Are the products cold when you remove them?

No, they remain at room temperature. This avoids the loss of the foods natural flavor caused by the refrigerator.


Question: Can I keep all type of food fresh?

Vegetables, fruits and roots are conserved better and in a more natural way in Fizpílar. The container maintains the naturally ocurring humidity of the food, between 65-85% HR.
Other foods such as the bread products also maintain their freshness several days longer.


Question: Do I have to keep the container in a closet to protect foods from the light?

The container is designed to isolate foods from the environmental direct light wich would accelerate its deterioration.


Question: Does this container prevent flies from getting on my food?

In normal conditions, the design of the cover, when fitting on the container, is sufficient to protect its content from flies that like to approach fresh products. This is possible thanks to Fizpílar manufacturing technology, because we have perfected a straight edge connecting the container with the lid.


Question: If I place the Fizpílar container in the kitchen, do I have to move it when cooking?

The container works best at temperatures below 25º Centigrades (77º Fahrenheit). The humidity of its interior,  that maintains of natural form products of its interior, can go against its self if this raises too much.

The container and its cover provide high insulating capacity like a “thermus” providing smaller fluctuations of temperature in the interior that outside the container. Nevertheless its better don’t put the containers the sources of heat or on high selves.

In case of a raise in temperature you can spray or moisten the outside ceramic walls with water      because the evaporation reduce internal temperature by to 2 degrees.


Question: Can I place it outside?

Yes, it can be placed outside as well as inside the house. However it must not be exposed to direct sun, rain or frosts.


Question: Can the lid be used as a cutting board?

The lid is multiuse, so that it serves simultaneously as cover for the container and, turned over, can be used as a cutting board.  The mixed and solid wood lids can be used as cutting boards on their inside face, but the laminated lid (default lid) should not be used for food processing.


Question: The container seems very large to place it in my small kitchen?

The space occupied by Fizpílar is also space given, as the counter top is extended by Fizpílar, economizing the kitchen space.


Question: Can I clean the Fizpílar container  in the dishwasher?

Yes,  it can be put in the dishwasher. Given his porous structure, it will leave very humid and it will require at least 24 hours to dry..

Let it dry naturally, not in the oven or microwave.


Question: How I can clean the food in its interior?

Use  a humid flannel cloth to remove the majority of stain; if they persist you should submerge the container in a soapy solution and to rinse it well to get the soap off.
¡DONT WORRY! it has the ROC  Service, Maintenance and  Reinstatement so if, in the end, you decide to get another brand new Fizpílar you can ! At a fantastic price.


Question: Can I use the container to cook with?

No; it's not to cook with or to store cooked objects. (only for baked goods like breads or pastries).


Question: Can I use it to store liquids?

No; it does not serve to store liquids. Its special porosity would cause that the liquid transferred the walls and was spilled towards the outside.


Question: To chill the products in summer can I put the container in the refrigerator?

It is not made for this reason, but isn't bad for the product either. If you want your food chilled it is preferable to take it out of the Fizpílar container and put it in the frig for 5 minutes before eating it. Be careful not to put the Fizpílar in the freezer. The freezing process would cause structural breakage and therefore the loss of some of its properties.


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