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Information to the user

Information for the user of the card and request for consent to activate processing automated in its personal data:  In relation to the personal data given by the USER in the form of registration on www.recipientesceramicos.com, Fizpílar complies strictly with the regulations currently enforced and established in the Spanish Law 15/1999 of Personal Character Data Protection and other legislation that develops it and informs the USER that the above-mentioned data will be included inside a card index for its automated processing giving the USER consent by means of the acceptance of these General conditions  to said processing. 


Purpose of the data

 Fizpílar collects specific personal data introduced by the USER freely with the purpose to be able carry out the services as well as to answer and to identify the petitions requested by the USER.  Therefore we need to identify the USERS needs.  Fizpílar will automatically direct this data to the administration in order to increase and improve its services, including its commercial and technical end of the products and services offered.  Likewise, Fizpílar collects your data in the area of distributors and retailers with the purpose of proceeding in the selection of distributors and clients of its business and maintain contact with the same.  In any case, the data collected and processed by Fizpílar are only the essentials needed for the purposes indicated previously. 

Obligatory introduction of data

It is not necessary to contribute data to use Fizpílar’s website, www.recipientesceramicos.com.  Nevertheless, to carry out requests of information or to carry out the acquisition of a product it is necessary for the user to contribute data to the existing forms on the website for the purposes previously described.  The fields in with an asterisk (*) are required for an order to be carried out.


Rights of access, correction, cancellation and complaint

The USER who introduces their personal data in the registration forms can exercise their rights of access, correction, cancellation and complaint at any time.  Sending requests to contacto@fizpilar.net, or by mail to: Fizpílar Ecodiseño Funcional, S.L.  , Post office Box nº 54.221 C.P.: 28080 of Madrid,  always accompany the request with the NIF number (identification number) of the data holder.  In every case, Fizpílar will be sure to cancel personal data obtained when a USER has left or change necessary or pertinent information when new information is collected. 

Transfer of data

No transfer of data to third parties exists.  Fizpílar only uses the data for the purposes described in the prior section (Purpose of the data) and does not yield data to any other company.  Fizpílar informs the USER that by means of the adhesion to the present general conditions I give consent to the necessary and indispensable transfer of this data to negotiate the services that are requested and, therefore, related to the free and legitimate acceptance of the legal relation between the USER and Fizpílar, whose development, compliance and control implies the Necessary communication of this data. 



Fizpílar assures absolute confidentiality and privacy of the personal data collected.  Because of this, its security measures have been adopted in order to avoid alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access, and to thereby guarantee integrity and security.  Nevertheless Fizpílar will not be responsible for incidents that can arise around personal data that can arise: such as an attack or unauthorized access to the systems in such a way that would be impossible to detect or to impede beyond current measures in accordance to the state of the current technology, nor a lack of diligence on the part of the USER to guard and protect of their keys And personal data. 


Use of cookies (to REVISE IF IS NEEDED)

Fizpílar uses cookies to obtain information and to carry out statistical analysis on the use of the website www.recipientesceramicos.com -this information is always used anonymously- and to permit the operation of some services.  The cookies that Fizpílar uses refer to the personal data of the USER neither can be agreed by means of the same in no case to the data that the USER can have in its hard disk.  The identity of the USER never is inserted directly in the cookie and therefore is not interceptable.  The ONLY cookies not anonymous, that is to say, that permit the identification, only they can be assigned subject to authorization of the USER when he desires to have immediate identification to agree to areas restricted of the website without the USER insert by hand its keys.  In every case, if the USER desires that itself they be not installed those cookies has the possibility to configure its browser to impede it without be produced any alteration or modification in the use of the website of Fizpilar. 


Truth of data

The USER is responsible for the truth of his data, agreeing not to introduce false data and to proceed to its correction if necessary.  Fizpílar puts at the disposal of the USER all necessary means to modify data.  The User can carry out this modification in the private and secure area provided in www.recipientesceramicos.com. For that reason the USER should to be especially diligent in guarding pass keys.  The USER agrees that when a third party introduces their key, they are authorized to do so. 


Spamming or the mailing of unsolicited e-mail

Fizpílar is absolutely against the practice of spamming and never carries this out.  Fizpílar only sends information to the e-mails facilitated by those who have themselves registered as the USERS in www.recipientesceramicos.com and, therefore, have accepted the General Conditions and their data protection politics for the shipment of this information.  Fizpílar will neither permit the use of these practices on the part of the USER, proceeding to the withdrawal of services. Fizpílar reserves the right to take the legal action if necessary. 



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