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We believe that is important to respect the environment, in all its majesty, through a high level of recycling and reuse of resources, while maintaining the security of our own workers through sustainable, fare trade.



The social element is a very important part of sustainability and in Fizpílar we encourage the support and the generation of local work without unnecessary exportation of technology and labor to third party countries.  In this way we take advantage of the centuries of artisanal experience developed in a society to increase the quality of the product.  In this way we support established communities and let their experience add to the quality of our product. 

Fizpílar Ecodiseño Funcional, S.L. counts on corporate social responsibility in its management and focus. 



 The process of the production of the  FIZPÍLAR container is respectful of the environment.  It has been verified in all it’s steps and our manufacturers maintain their commitment to minimum environmental impact. 

The resources used are available in excess in nature and its extraction are not carried out in a way that causes irreversible damage.  Fizpílar’s products open a new way of use in the industrialization of sustainable resources.

It is our unending philosophy to reduce energy consumption so that the client and the environment benefit.  The reduction of refrigerator consumption is the first evident effect as less fresh products are put inside of it.  The fact that almost a 40% of the space used in the refrigerator is designated to these types of fresh products gives an idea of the amount that can be saved by cutting down on cooling by using Fizpílar’s ceramic containers . 

The production of the different elements of Fizpílar’s container and cover continues the criteria of maximum efficiency in use of resource and complies in every step with the Environmental Medium regulations that affects to this type of rendering(engineering?). 

It’s, in itself, a process of obtaining certified quality through continued evolution in the factories and workshops. 



Fizpílar understands the sustainable development from a triple perspective:

The project/company must be self-sufficient and maintainable in time, so it must be focused on a long term activity and producing adaptable product. The growth must be understood from the perspective of natural evolution.

The use and the consumption of resources do not have to go against a respectful policy with the existing limitations of resources. Raw materials are not infinite.

The people involved in the project have to evolve with it and its number does not have to go in inverse proportion to the system as it becomes extensive in capital, aspect that will have to be considered partially when entering a continuous improvement of the product. The technology must be at the disposal of the people.

The western countries are consumers of raw materials and historically they have had and continue to have a negative impact on developing countries.

In Fizpílar we rely a great extent on the continued use of the raw materials under our own feet. In order to allow the continued evolution of our immediate social surroundings.





Our packs

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