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Purchase conditions


Read this document thoroughly. It contains the obligatory terms and conditions of purchase when using the online store www.recipientesceramicos.com of Fizpílar Ecodiseño Functional, S.L. ( here in after Fizpílar). The terms and conditions that follow are applicable to all purchases that are carried out through www.recipientesceramicos.com, except in the case of specific agreements.  These Conditions will govern the contractual relation between you and Fizpílar a company headquartered in 22 Arroyofresno Street, 28035 Madrid, Spain, filed in the business Register of Madrid in the volume 29597, F 178, S 8, H M 532673, I/TO 1 (7.02.12), and N. I. F.  B86379252. Every communication, complaint or correspondence relating to these Conditions to Fizpílar should be addressed to the mail or Mailbox Post on our contact page. 

Product Purchase Procedure

The details for purchase (including their corresponding price) are found on www.recipientesceramicos.com.  Fizpílar will adopt all the reasonable and necessary measures to guarantee that all details (i.e. the descriptions and the prices of the products that appear in www.recipientesceramicos.com) are correct.  We will do everything in our power to insure that the store www.recipientesceramicos.com is as updating as possible when ordering. 


Once you have chosen the desired products, these products will be included in the “Shopping Cart”.  Click "See Cart" to go to the order summary page on which you will be able to verify or identify and correct the errors. 

Once verified, click "buy", and choose the payment method.  In case you are using a debit or credit card, we will obtain an authorization from the credit card provider and charge the amount indicated on "See Cart".  If the credit card is not authorized, the order will not be accepted.  Fizpílar will send you a confirmation e-mail on success.

Fizpílar reserves the right to reject the processing of the order, in the following cases, without limit: 

-If the ordered product is not available;

-If the debit or credit card provider do not authorize the payment.

-If not followed procurement process. 


Relating to the application of the conditions of sale


The user will only be able to buy products that be available for sale and whose details appear on www.recipientesceramicos.com.  They are for personal use. Fizpílar reserves the right to reject any order (for example, when it is believed that the order could be subsequently sold through different channels of distribution authorized by Fizpílar) and to establish the promotions and discounts applied, partial or fully. 

All purchases of Fizpílar merchandise, in absence of an agreement made to the contrary, will be held according to the established terms and general conditions.  Modifications of the terms and conditions showed in the Order and in the established general conditions will be void unless modifications are finalized in writing as based on prior agreements. 


Price and Delivery Conditions: 


The Price and Delivery Conditions reflected in the Order will have the definite meaning in the terms specifically described on www.recipientesceramicos.com .


Unless otherwise stated, the delivery of the merchandise will be carried out to the address indicated in the Order and introduced on www.recipientesceramicos.com in the registration form.

Delivery time: 

The merchandise will be delivered or sent inside the period stipulated in the Order, except for cases beyond our control (see below).  The merchandise will be properly packed and insured in order to permit it to arrive to its destination in perfect conditions.  The delivery conditions are established on www.recipientesceramicos.com in the section SUPPORT <Delivery and Refunds. 


Payment Conditions


The way of payment will be specified in the Order.  The conditions of payment are those established on www.recipientesceramicos.com in the section SUPPORT <Secure Payment. 


Acceptance of merchandise


Once the merchandise has arrived to the place agreed with the Buyer, it will be considered delivered, provided that it complies with the conditions and characteristics negotiated.  The right of claim or refund in CIP terms (Carriage and Insure paid by seller) is reserved , if after having performed the pertinent contracts of quality it is  verified what has been agreed upon is not there. Otherwise the cost of shipment will be borne by the purchaser.


Fizpílar guarantees that the merchandise will be found in good conditions, free of any defect, according to the technical specifications announced, quality, adaptation or suitability for the purpose indicated. Fizpílar guarantees that the merchandise will correspond to it’s description or the specifications of the Order. 


The merchandise will comply fully with the statutes, laws, regulations and official requirements of the Spanish legislation, in effect currently.  If the said statutes, laws, regulations and official requirements obliged us to modify the characteristics of the Order, Fizpílar will carry out the needed modification at its expense. 





Fizpílar guarantees its products for up to two (2) years from the date of the Delivery of the Order.  As such, all guarantee claims you have will be satisfactorily resolved by Fizpílar.  This guarantee signifies that Fizpílar will proceed to the replacement of defective elements at the expense of Fizpílar. 


If during the period of guarantee, some part or component of the merchandise needs to be replaced, the period of guarantee for said component will begin again from the day of its replacement.  The elements replaced will become the property of Fizpílar.  The conditions of refund are those listed on www.recipientesceramicos.com in the section SUPPORT <Delivery and Refunds. 


Cases Beyond Control


"Cases Beyond Control" signifies that if the present conditions include the existence of any contingency, circumstance or causes that are beyond the control of the parties involved in it, including, but not limited to the following circumstances: imposition or submission to a law, regulation, decree, order or request of any authority (national, state, autonomous, provincial or municipal), confiscation, riot, war, disturbances, fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, explosions, strikes, closings, failure of machinery or of the factory, impossible to obtain commodities, labor unions, diesel oil or transportation. 


If by Cases Beyond Control any of the Parties involved cannot comply with some obligation of the Order, said Party is exonerated from compliance, provided that the other party is notified at the beginning and the nature of the situation is a Case Beyond Control.  The Party that invokes the Cases Beyond Control should send immediate notification after the end of the cause that motivate the Case Beyond Control.


If any of the situations of Cases Beyond Control described is out of control of the Buyer and are able to, direct or indirectly limit, prevent or complicate the purchase, importing, delivery or any another compliance of the contract or the resale or export of the merchandise on the part of the Buyer, they will be able to request the postponement of the shipment of the merchandise and may request a total or partial cancellation the Order. 


Expenses and Taxes

The VAT and the cost of the payment, will be borne by the Buyer.


Representatives of the parties

To monitor the correct execution of the Order, as representative of the Purchaser, it designates the person named in the Order.


 Failure Fizpílar

In case of default or failure to perform timely or appropriate any of the obligations by Fizpílar and in case of declaration of bankruptcy, liquidation or dissolution of the Company, the Purchaser shall be entitled to notify the total or partial termination Order or suspending its operation in whole or in part. This will be done through an official notice, without further warning of default or judicial intervention, without prejudice to any other rights available to Buyer.



In case of discrepancy between Castilian texts and texts in any other order-related language, Castilian text shall prevail.Legal Scope

This relationship will be governed by Spanish law. The parties expressly waive any other forum or jurisdiction to which they may be entitled to and agree to submit to the courts of Madrid any difference or dispute relating to the validity, interpretation, implementation or enforcement of the Order and the General Conditions of Purchase, as well as acts or transactions contemplated therein.


It is our desire to keep you informed about all current and future developments relating to new product launches, promotions and campaigns in value. To receive this news subscribe to our latest news in www.recipientesceramicos.com space dedicated to it at the end of each of the pages.


How to contact us


In the email:



Sending a letter by post to the postal address:


                Fizpilar Ecodiseño Funcional, S.L.

                Apartado de Correos nº 54221

28080 – Madrid

Terms and conditions

Fizpilar reserves the right to:

Modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the service provided by www.recipientesceramicos.com (or any part thereof) with or without notice. Fizpílar not be liable to third parties for such alteration or cancellation.

If, despite change the Terms and Conditions and / or Terms of Delivery, continue using the service provided by www.recipientesceramicos.com, be deemed to have given its consent to the change.
You will be responsible for verifying the conditions regularly in order to determine whether there has been any change. If you do not agree with some modification of the Terms and Conditions, you must stop using the service immediately with Fizpílar.

In the event that Fizpílar amend these Terms, your order is subject to the conditions prevailing at the date and time that you placed your order. You can request a copy of the current version of the Terms via e-mail at: contacto@fizpilar.net



If any part of these Terms and Conditions shall be held illegal or unenforceable, the affected provision shall be deemed deleted, remaining in full force the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


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