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Who Are We

The Fizpílar Project

Fizpílar is a business project formed with the idea of new creation, with an attitude of change in  socio-economic relations. 

Fiz-pílar stems from the conjunction Fifth (Fiz, the Z is pronounced TH in Spanish) and Column (Pílar).  We want to represent the union of the main components of a new sustainable reality composed of 5 elements. 

The 3 economic traditions: Economy – Technology – People and 2 new elements that have always been there, but which have acquired in this new era their maximum importance, the Environment – and the role of Society as an active group through Media.  We believe that in this setting is where our business should be developed. 

We are conscious of the need of growth and performance through the maintenance of a stable project and with a projection into the future, but we do not believe in profits for profits sake, but in a new term that we have coined, "Relational Economy". 

"Relational Economy"? This is economy subject to the human and immersed in a social milieu that places the use of technology as a tool to improve client-business relation.  That is to say, we want to invert the order of current priorities from profit-technology-people into another more logical and harmonious order. 

We want it to look like this, people-technology-profit.  Our reward will be to involve the highest number of people in the project/business who will work and participate together to reach a common goal.  This is how we can synchronize with and create a symbiotic relation with society.


We have not forgotten that we live in an environment with limited resources and it’s because of this that our products are oriented towards the maximum harmonious advantage to natural resources. We use the most abundant and available resources in order to alleviate the destruction of the environment. 

Our containers of ceramic and wood are 100% recyclable and came from 100% renewable natural surplus.

We ourself are delighted to support our own project, sharing our ceramic containers and the elements of natural conservation and the benefits that this contributes to the world. 


Our packs

  • Tirol with Solid...

    Tirol Container with Solid Wood lid ,ideal for...

    Price: 95,65 €

  • Tirol container...

    Tirol container with Mixed Solid Wood lid with...

    Price: 112,43 €

  • Lugano container...

    The Lugano model large capacity allows you to...

    Price: 93,79 €